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OUR MISSION IS TO achieve outstanding

health and fitness results

Currently, we are faced with the need to improve our body, improve our health and to enrich our mind. The body/mind connection is faced with the challenge of achieving a balance of wellness. Algarve Luxury BootCamp aims to satisfy this need, providing you with an active luxury holiday. We invite you to feel good and experience some sensational and exciting outdoor experiences in luxury destinations. If you’re looking for some fitness days, health and wellness in beautiful surroundings, we are the perfect choice. So… what are you waiting for?

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Welcome to Marco Baioa Luxury Residential

Algarve Luxury Residence BootCamp

Welcome to your transformational ‘Where Your Journey Begins’

health and fitness BootCamp

Your kick-start to a healthier you! You leave feeling great, looking fantastic and the training is guaranteed to stay with you for a lifetime.

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Luxury Resort: 5 star nutrition, 5 star accommodation and 5 star wellness
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Located in the South of the Iberian Peninsula Costa del Luz

Reach out to your next level of fitness

in the stunning Algarve

Reach out to your next level of fitness whilst having great fun and achieving your stretch goals in the stunning Algarve. Travel home feeling fantastic, energised and totally re-focussed.

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Sea, Sand and Mountain
Workout Challenges

Luxury Fitness Bootcamp. Five-star bootcamp, five-star accommodation


Healthy and Vibrant Employees

Team cohesion, higher morale, enhanced health and a reduction in stress all lead to a higher energy workforce and improved business results.

Healthy and Vibrant Employees = a more Healthy and Vibrant Business. 

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To optimise time, effort and investment to achieve outstanding health and fitness results
Mission Statement


the coach

About Marco

Marco Baioa is a renowned Personal Trainer in the Algarve and has also trained in the UK, Ireland and Germany ...



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AMA Andalucia
Southern Spain Destination, 7-14 September 2015

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our clients

It was an incredible experience it delivered more than I expected. My physical +mental health has both been jolted awake.
I think you have the perfect skill set to help others with their holistic health and wellness goals. Mind and body are nourished at your BOOTCAMP. 
Warm regards and many, many, thanks


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